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Learn how to create or join a team here.

Want to create a team?

Create a team and join forces with friends, family and colleagues to walk together and raise more money!

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Create a team

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Sign up or log in

To create a team, you must first create your own fundraising page. Sign up here or login to your page.


Tap the 'create a team' button

Tap the 'Create a Team' button above or alternatively find the button on your profile page.


Create a team name

Follow the instructions and create a team name.

Want to join a team?

When you sign up as a fundraiser, ensure you have selected the same event location, distance and start time as your team leader. Once you have signed up, you are then able to join an existing team.

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Search Teams


Find a team you want to join

Search for the team name that you would like to join using the search bar above. You can also search for the team leader.


Select the team name

Select the team name or team leader from the search results.


Tap the 'Join Team' button

On the teams profile page, locate and click the 'Join Team' button.