Your Impact

We believe that caring for people at the end of their lives in an honour and a privilege.
Each year, more than 300 patients and over 1,800 family members receive Mary Potter Care.

If you have experienced this care you will know how important it is.

All Walk for Love and Walk for Me donations will help to ensure that each patient and their family in the Mary Potter Hospice receive care that is individual, meaningful, compassionate and loving.

Please read Thomas’s story below. This is just one beautiful example of Mary Potter Care in action.

"My precious mum Sharon Harris, died in the Mary Potter Hospice on 24 February 2016. Mum was my rock and losing her hit me hard.

I felt I needed to do something to honour her but I didn’t know what to do. Then I heard about the Walk for Love.

So three months after losing mum, I formed a team with my partner Cerys and mum’s two sisters and we walked in her memory in the 2016 Walk for Love.

Mum would have loved our team name – Footprints in the Sand. Mum loved the beach - especially Normanville. It was a special place for her – somewhere she always wanted to go to.

Another place she wanted to go to was Mary Potter. Mum made the decision long before the time came, to spend her final days in the Hospice.

I remember the last time she was admitted to hospital. Unfortunately the Hospice was full but her time was drawing near and she needed extra help with her care. She told the nurse not to unpack her bag because she wasn’t going to die in her hospital. She was going to die in Mary Potter - just as she had planned! My mum was a very determined person.

A few days later she got her wish and was transferred to the Mary Potter Hospice.

Mum was only in the Hospice for three days, but in that time the staff cared for mum so beautifully. Even in ways you would never expect. Every time I hear a Neil Diamond song it takes my mind back to mum and the music playing in the background in her room. Her nurse had taken the time to organise a CD player and a CD of mum’s favourite Neil Diamond songs. How special is that?

The Hospice staff looked after our family too. We could drop in to see mum at any time of the day or night and stay as long as we wanted to. And there was always a friendly smile, a reassuring hug, a hot cup of coffee and something to eat in the kitchen.

Being involved in the Walk for Love last year was a great decision and we are looking forward to being a part of it again. To be surrounded by so many people who understand what you are going through is very special.

Fundraising for the walk was so easy. To encourage support I said I would colour my hair if we raised over $500. We created a fundraising page and I wrote a few words about mum and the Hospice.

Donations started coming in straight away and before we knew it we had raised over $1,400. Wow!

Please join us at the walk this year. Whether you have had a recent loss or it was many years ago – it doesn’t matter. And I urge you to fundraise. You don’t have to colour your hair like I did, but every dollar will make such a difference for someone just like my mum."

We would like to thank Thomas for sharing his story. It was very brave of him to come on the walk so soon after saying goodbye to his mum. And as a result of his team's fundraising efforts a patient received 190 hours of subsidised care. This made it possible for a nurse to give a patient the care they needed and the time to find their Neil Diamond.

Thomas’ team Footprints in the Sand took part in their second Walk for Love in 2017. They raised $1,415 beating their fundraising from the year before.

Please join us on Sunday 27 May for our Walk for Love.

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