Cang's Cake Stall

At every Walk for Love over the past nine years, a certain young doctor has put on his chef’s hat and transformed into an amazing baker in honour of his father.

Dr Dan’s beloved father Cang passed away in Mary Potter Hospice in 2009. Dan was very grateful for the loving care given to Cang while he was in the Hospice.

What really meant the world to the family was how their cultural and spiritual beliefs were respected. As Vietnamese Buddhists, they really appreciated the way the Hospice allowed them to carry out their rituals immediately following Cang’s death.

It hadn't escaped Dan’s notice how much his dad had loved the dessert trolley in the Hospice. This led Dan to embrace his love of baking, and he set up a tiny stall at his first Walk for Love. Dan’s mum used to be a pastry chef and she soon joined him in baking for the event the following year.

Every year as part of reaching his fundraising target, Dan’s vision for his cake stall grows. Last year’s Walk for Love was the first time he put a up a sign saying ‘Cang’s Cake Stall’. Dan wanted people to know that this wasn’t a commercial business – this was someone honouring the memory of his father by giving back to the Hospice.

Like father, like son. Dan lives that same work ethic. On the May weekend of Walk for Love, Dan starts cooking early on Friday morning, having planned out his baking schedule many weeks in advance and buying all ingredients himself.

Dan feels a true responsibility for his special stall. “People look forward to it – we generally sell out. If anything is left over, it goes to the Hospice for patients and families.”

On top of his amazing commitment, Dan and his team "Happy Feet" also walk at the Walk for Love! Over eight years, he's recruited a team of friends and colleagues to join him at the event. They have their own stories of grief and loss. Despite busy schedules, they set this day aside to take part and support the Hospice.

"Everyone who walks has their own story. We all have a connection because of our shared grief. The Walk for Love means different things to everybody, but I like how we share the same unspoken connection."

Dan says he can’t imagine Walk for Love without Cang’s Cake Stall. Nor can we.

Please join us on Sunday 26 May at Australian Lutheran College, corner of Jeffcott Street and Ward Street, North Adelaide (entrance from Ward Street) for our Walk for Love.

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